She was the smell of good mud // She is Lady Grey 

Welcome to The MAP 2019 Community Choreographic Project whereby six community dancers take part in a choreographic process and performance. This year the collaboration extends beyond MAP’s own community to draw in the fashion and music communities. The work is an intercity and interdisciplinary collaboration, working with Dunedin Dream Brokerage and three Dunedin musicians to complete the team. 


Facilitated through the collaborative efforts of choreographer, Julia Harvie and ethical clothing designer, Paige Jansen, the work addresses their shared desire to work with real bodies within the context of the fashion and dance industries where the ‘body beautiful’ has historically been narrowly defined. ‘Lady Grey’ is a celebration of the body in all its forms and special thanks must go to the dancers for their courage and generosity in this process. 


Initial inspiration came from dance academic, Julia Bryan-Wilson’s writing Practicing Trio A (The MIT Press Journals, October, No. 140, Spring 2012, p 54-74)  as well as Yvonne Rainer’s work, Trio A(1966) itself.  As in Trio A,  this work is against vanity. There is no narrative, instead, it engages with the ways bodies draw in and expand space and enrich our relationship with time. The dancers engage and embody a less performative presence, to create an intimacy and shared privacy with the audience. There is space for vulnerability and fragility and a certain defiance against objectification. 


The title of the work refers to a cup of Lady Grey tea that led to an epiphany - a personal decision on Paige’s part to seek a less solitary way to explore her practice. Using only cotton, linen and silk, Paige has patterned and hand made all the clothes you see here this evening. Each piece is uniquely made, embracing sustainable practices in every step of the process. 


Producer / Clothing: Paige Jansen 

Producer / Choreographer: Julia Harvie 

Community Dancers: Jac Coia, Megan Neil, Jenny Postles, Lizzy Guthrey, Virgina Kennard, Ella Rerekura

Composers / Musicians: Rosa Cameron, Peter McCall, Jens Moller


A Special thank you to Stephanie Donaldson and Eden Sloss who have handmade the undergarments using organic hemp cutoffs. 

Special thanks also to Rob Collins, White Audio, Tom Bell, Strawberry Sound, Jess Adlam, CoCA, Viv Milsom, Hagley Community College, Grace Mirams, Jake Munro, Alannah Kwant, Carol Jansen, Oscar Mein, Simon Swale, Jack Hawke, Christa Otterstaetter, Kate Schrader, Grace Ryder, The Blue Oyster, Dunedin Dream Brokerage, Beer Baroness, CERT, Mainland Foundation.